In Freddie Jordan Oil Company Limited, concern for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is a Core Value. Our Management policy is based upon a combination of experience in offshore exploration practices, coupled with use of modern technology. By the continuous search of optimum solutions, Freddie Jordan Oil Company Limited will maintain and secure its position in the market place, by providing a cost effective, safe and healthy working environment.

By constant review of in house operations and ongoing analysis and comparison with competitors and other similar companies.

The General Aim of our policy it to prevent incidents and /or conditions that may cause: Personal injury or loss of life Damage to health Damage to the environment Damage to the offshore vessel or third party properly Additionally, the company Objectives are: to provide services offshore, and operate in accordance with the professional standards to comply with all relevant national and international rules and regulations to reduce risks to safety of the offshore vessel, onboard equipment, personnel, cargo and the environment, and our customers assets, to a level which is as low as reasonably practicable to have in place an effective organizational structure suitable for the company’s business activities to promote a PRO SAFETY culture and mindset in the company

Freddie Jordan Oil Company Limited. as an independent service provider supports the policy of protecting people and environment. Safety principles and implementations is paramount criteria in our negotiations and business practice. Our commitment is to provide our clients with satisfactory process in all phases in upstream drilling program through to energy delivery. We are a dedicated company focusing on offering our clients value-added service and building a strong international network with owners & producers. We have earned a reputation for reliable performance, and for providing timely, and effective execution of our customers’ needs. We welcome new business partners.