Corporate Overview

Freddie Jordan V&W Energy B.V., is a 100% Indigenous Guyanese Upstream Oil & Gas services provider founded by experienced industry and business professionals. We believe in our capacity and potential in harnessing Guyanese and International expertise in order to achieve best in class services and results for our investors, clients and stakeholders.

Our commitment is to provide bespoke solutions and satisfactory processes, that cuts across all stages of Upstream E&P from Seismic Exploration through to first energy delivery.

Freddie Jordan V&W Energy B.V. is dedicated Guyanese company focused on offering all our clients value-added service and by building a strong international network with our partners. We have earned a reputation for reliable performance, and for providing timely and effective execution of our customers’ needs.

At Freddie Jordan V&W Energy B.V., concern for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) is a Core Value that drives the way we run and operate as a company. Our management policy is based on a combination of experience in offshore exploration practices, coupled with use of modern technology.

By the continuous search of optimum solutions, Freddie Jordan V&W Energy B.V. will maintain and secure its position in the market, by providing timely, cost effective, Safe and Healthy working environment. Based on constant review of in house operations and ongoing analysis and comparison with competitors and other similar companies.